From The Horses’s Mouth – Ibadan

5 thoughts on “From The Horses’s Mouth – Ibadan”

  1. I remember accompanying my Dad to Ibadan, i think that was my first trip outside Enugu or Imo State, i was just a kid, i remember Dad boasting so much about Ibadan those days, so far as he was concerned, no matter the university you attend and you did’nt go to University of Ibadan, you have not gone to University, for him what he said made sense because he was a pioneer student of University of Ibadan (then UCH). i remember him showing me where he bought his first car, where he was living as a student and medical quarters then in UCH where he lived as a young Doctor. He told me he used to club on Saturdays till around 12.00 midnight in Ibadan, then drove to Lagos to meet his cousin (late Chimere Ikoku) and then they clubbed all night in Lagos.

    Most of the things he said then did not make sense, but now i am begining to appreciate them. I have never been to Ibadan since then, but i definitely will like to visit again, I am sure alot has changed but i have never heard about another city with all the “firsts” like the ancient city of Ibadan.

    UCH also produced alot of Nigerian firsts across the nation eg, in the East – the first Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese Rt. Rev Gideon Otubelu was a product of UCH, Majority of the first set Doctors in Nigeria were product of UCH. The year i visited Ibadan the late Prof. Ransom Kuti was still the Minister of Health, i remember my Dad pointing at Kuti’s room as a student in UCH.
    Ibadan is indeed a city to visit.

    thanks for shearing. Chidi

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    1. I totally understand the feeling, Chidi.

      I always passed through Ibadan, never once assuming there was much to see and experience in the city. Such a pity that I didn’t have such a handy list of places to see and things to check out.

      That picture of Mapo Hall is totally awesome! It’s going on my list of places to visit when I get the chance to be in Ibadan next.

      Do you remember any other place your dad talked a lot about?


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