Journey of a thousand miles – Eleko Beach

12 thoughts on “Journey of a thousand miles – Eleko Beach”

  1. Will be coming to Nigeria this Christmas and looking at things to do when in Lagos……. And this has officially been added to the list. By the way what camera did you use for the photos? So clear x


      1. how far is the beach from like alpha beach cos I will be staying at the estate around there during my holiday ? And also can you do a post on this to day in Lagos during the Christmas period for fobs. Thank you


    1. Hello, thanks for visiting. Most beaches are quite a distance. I really like La Campagne Tropicana but it’s the same distance as Eleko. Tarkwa Bay is another option, you can get a boat from most docks going there.


  2. Thanks for this post! Very interesting. I would love to visit Nigeria one day. I am using your post to help me with a class I am teaching in Korea. They don’t know much about Africa or that it has many countries and many different places – trying to break the stereotypes and show them some insights. This sounds like a great place to see.

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    1. I’m am so glad and humbled that my post is being used to educate people. It means the world to me. I’m also happy you like what you read. I hope you’ll reach out when you’re visiting Nigeria.


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