How I Passed Time at The Domestic Airport in Lagos


Travelling can be stressful, but there’s always something to do at airports. Granted what’s on offer differs from airport to airport, but if you’re ready to roam about for a bit, you’ll find something that suits you.

So you’re catching a local flight from Lagos, you’ve checked in and you realize you have time to kill before your flight. What do you do? Well take a look at what I got up to and maybe it’ll help you.

1. Window shopped

From TM Lewin to Accessories 2 die 4, they’ve got you covered. Not a lot of variety but hey there’s nothing wrong with feasting your eyes. They even have furniture on sale which I found very odd but it wouldn’t be there if people weren’t buying. I didn’t have any extra cash to spare so I let my eyes do the shopping.

2. Took a walk and did a bit of people watching

You would be surprised at the different types of people you see at the airport. From the over dressed traveler who can barely walk in her heels to the traveler who  has so much luggage you wonder if they’ve packed up their homes into their bags. I made up stories in my head about what the people I saw were up to, and what their back stories might have been. You should give it a try.

3. Had breakfast at Umutu Coffee House.

While wandering around, the good people of Umutu lured me into their coffee house with a friendly smile and by telling me about how awesome I looked. :). Flattery will get you everywhere sometimes. It is a charming place with a jazz feel to it, and everyone should go there. There is a food court however just in case Umutu isn’t your cup of coffee. (Get it? ^_^).


4. Played the piano at Umutu coffee house

While waiting for my breakfast, I saw a piano and a guitar and had a mini concert of my own. I have skills if I do say so myself, especially since I took piano lessons as a kid.


5. Read a book.

I always carry a book around for times like this, and when I got tired of reading, I headed to the bookstore and just browsed through the selection of books they had. While there, I asked them if they had any books on tourism in Nigeria, and they said no. I clearly need to write one.

6. Had a conversation

No better way to kill time than talking. I always make friends at the airport, and it helps me keep my phone battery on check. I hear soon wi-fi will be available, so if you don’t like meeting people, that can be an alternative.

7.  Go around taking pictures and recording videos.

Since I’ve become a mini camera woman, I went around capturing moments. This got me lots of weird looks, but who cares.

8. Marvelled at the self check-in service and ticket scanner.

Sorry, but in Lagos this is new so I was very impressed. I kept going back to look at them and test them out.

9. Walked up and down the escalator in a bid to ‘exercise’.

We don’t have a gym in this airport like some other airports so since I am team fitness, I figured this would have to do.

10. Ran like a crazy person to catch my flight, but still paused to take extra pictures for my blog and or social media feed. 

So I went through security at a leisurely pace, then got a call from Umutu that I forgot my ear phones. Had to go back out to get them and this made me late. I ended up running everywhere and straight into the plane. Infact when I paused to take more pictures, an airport attendant said ‘e be lyk say you no wan travel again’ (pidgin for ‘it’s like you don’t want to travel anymore’), but I made it, so thank goodness for that.

So I went from killing time to almost not making it. So if you find yourself at MMA2 Lagos and your flight isn’t for a while, or it’s delayed you could try some of the things I did above, but please don’t miss your flight. There will be departure screens in most places and some restaurants so you can keep track.

This is the 1st in the airport series where I’ll show you what the different airports in the country look like and of course what can be done there. For more random picture on the airport, see below.

*This is the new local airport where medview, aero contractors and others fly out from. Arik flies from the old airport.

MMA2 – Murtala Mohammed Airport 2