Affordable Tourism

6 thoughts on “Affordable Tourism”

  1. Reblogged this on Iviesan and commented:
    Sharing is caring! Check out UnravellingNigeria’s latest post on affordable tourism in Nigeria. I care an awful lot about expanding our Tourism and this post really hits the nail on the head in terms of how to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and adventures which can be found at our ‘backyard’ without having to pay an arm, and a leg!


  2. This is a very valuable eye-opener for those who love to treat themselves right. Good job you’re doing! I subscribe 100%


  3. Thanks for the list! I definitely need to do the Alake’s palace and olumo rock. It’s such a shame that my mom’s from Abeokuta and I’ve been there so many times but never thought to tour.


  4. This is very very interesting indeed. In fact information is power because somebody like me thought that to visit these places mentioned would cost a huge amount of money not knowing that even an average person can still be a tourist as well


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