The Orisas are to Blame!

7 thoughts on “The Orisas are to Blame!”

  1. Very interesting… Better than how we used to hear/read them in history classes 🙂

    And, you forgot to add that the lightning that struck songo’s affected the NEPA building (and equipment) which explains why Nigeria has been in perpetual darkness for decades…LOL


  2. There are many different stories about the Orisha. You have some that I’ve never read before. Oduduwa was female in most of the patakis I’ve read and Oya is not to be feared, only respected. I am a child of Oya.


    1. Really? Grew up hearing Oduduwa was a male. I suppose that’s the thing about stories passed down, differs depending on location and the story teller. You’re a child of Oya, nice to have you as a visitor to the blog!


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