Straight out of Kaduna

10 thoughts on “Straight out of Kaduna”

  1. Hmm nice tourist area.. good way of selling Kaduna… thinking of visiting there.. but is it safe from the inevitable Boko haram? Big question


    1. Kaduna is as safe as visiting any other part of Nigeria. Kd has been hit before but it’s not the focus of BH. That’s the North East, Kaduna is North West. No one can predict here disaster would strike that shouldn’t stop us from living our life. Then the terrorists win.


    2. I want to start off by saying I’m glad you liked the post and visiting the site. While Kaduna has had its random share of attacks, it is relatively safe when compared to other states like Borno (this is not to make light of the whole situation)
      My brother currently lives there and my dad is in and out, and thank God they are both safe.
      I would like to add, where in the world are we truly safe? I can walk down the streets of NY or Bangkok and be terrorised.
      I hope you find time to visit, I’m planning to go soon. 😀


  2. Kaduna might not have witnessed deadly attacks recently, but Boko Haram still carries out bomb and gun attacks in northeast Nigeria. President Buhari has been meeting security agencies and leaders of neighboring countries to show a united front in the fight against the militant group.


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