Straight out of Kaduna

So I’ll start first by saying I only just discovered this blog less than a week ago. I loved it so much I asked to write for it, after promising to refrain from acts of silliness or attempts at being satirical (apparently, only serious people read this blog).

So here I go, writing 5 reasons you should visit Kaduna, the state of my birth. It’s part of the reasons my beating heart throbs (a noun I use for its closest rival — a hot bowl of spaghetti, but that’s a story for another day), and trails not too far behind she who brought me to this world.

Kaduna, which is aptly named after the River Kaduna translates to the River of Crocodiles. It was once known for its bask of crocodiles which to be honest, should be your first reason to should visit Kaduna. They played their part in the boom of the local fashion and leather manufacturing industry. We are also ‘the center of education‘.

Right so 5 reasons include:

1.The Nok Settlement – Jaba LGA.

This is in a rock-shelter where remains of granaries are still visible. It was where the famous terracotta figurine, Nok Terracotta was discovered. This in turn gave rise to the Nok Culture which is over 2,500 years old and is probably one of the most significant and best known cultures from Black Africa today. Nok discoveries have been made in places as far as Katsina which was once a part of Kaduna state.

The Nok site was brought to lime light by British Archaeologist, Benard Fagg who was employed by the Nigerian Government in the 1940s. Fagg lived at the Nok site where remains of his house are still preserved today and serves as a tourist attraction. That right there, is why this is number one on my list. Reminds you of those “buy 1 get one free” promos you get from Primark, eh?

Source - National Arts & Culture

Source – National Arts & Culture

2. Kagoro Hills

Situated in Kagoro town near Kafanchan in the southern part of the State, it is known for its long range of hills, tall trees, rocky and hill top settlements which boast of a clinic, school, churches, etc. The presence of the Hills tells on the climate of the area making it similar to that Jos, Plateau State.

Kagoro Hills make for an excellent rock climbing expedition, and also the beautiful scenery is ideal for picnics. It is indeed one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Kaduna State. So, calling all photography enthusiasts, landscape painters, cinematographers, or (and forgive me but this is directed to women) some man says to you: “there’s nothing more beautiful than you” and the line irked you so much you just have to debunk it? Then bring said man with the cheap lines here to Kagoro Hills.

Source - National Arts & Culture Directory

Source – National Arts & Culture Directory

3. The Fifth Chukker Polo Resort

This resort blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings set over 130 hectares of land. It also offers world class sports entertainment in a casual & elegant environment. Fifth Chukker is undoubtedly one of the finest facilities in the country to play in, and observe the dramatic and artistic sport of polo. That’s all I’m going to say about it because, if you need a bunch of words strewn together to convince you on why you must come to a polo resort in natural surroundings, then please, just sit at home. This isn’t for you and I can never be your friend.

Source - Northern Nigeria Tourism

Source – Northern Nigeria Tourism

4. The Kaduna National Museum and Monument.

Who writes a tourism article without mentioning a museum and/or monument? That’s akin to committing hara-kiri without the effort of a ceremony or acknowledging ones loss of honour. In other words, plain old suicide.

This magnificent edifice is where artifacts depicting Nigeria’s artistry from all parts of the country are kept. The museum is located along Ali Akilu Road in Ungawan Sarki, Kaduna. Its collection includes both Archaeological and Ethnographic materials ranging from terracotta figurines of human and animals (from the famous Nok culture area ), as well as arts works and crafts of both prehistoric and contemporary societies.

Trust me when I say this, if you can take a selfie whilst avoiding the security guards, you will absolutely slay on Instagram. So in essence, you’ll also come away feeling like James Bond; double win!

5. The Matsiriga Waterfalls

This is about two kilometers off Kafanchan. As one approaches the waterfalls, you can loudly hear the sounds of the falls. One also perceives sparkling bubbles of water flowing from atop hard rock and hitting hard at its base to form a pool that flows down the slope.

Locals speak fondly and glowingly about the waterfalls and if you’re lucky, you can find a tour guide to take you its source, the River Wonderful. Locals believe the waterfalls, which can easily be spotted from the Kafanchan-Madakiya-Zonkwa-Kaduna Road, exudes natural powers in the manner it gushes, tumbles and drops 30 metres into a still and deep gorge.

Thanks to the magic and bewitching tricks of physics, the waterfalls oftentimes is seen to produce wonderful rainbows amidst unexplained smoke.

Source - The Book Show Africa

Source – The Book Show Africa

There you have it, 5 wonderful reasons to visit the lush, beautiful Kaduna. I could go on and on but I promised just 5 so I’ll live you with a list of other site and sounds you can also experience in Kaduna. Enjoy…


Written by Faisal Adamu. You can follow him on his twitter: @notfaizzy

*Hope you enjoyed this piece. If you’re interested in submitting a post to us on anything based on Nigerian Tourism, please get in touch.