Active Tourism Nigeria – The LCC Edition

On the 29th of August 2015, Love Fitness Ng and I had our first Active Tourism event and it was great. Active Tourism a type of tourism that is a combination of sports and exercises. After months of planning we were glad we were able to pull it off and look forward to having more.

The location was The Lekki Conservation Centre and we started at 11 am because it was on an Environmental Saturday. We were very surprised and pleased that everyone showed up on time.

The event started with the workout segment and the trainer for the day was Tayo Salami. She led us through some high intensive internal training (HIIT).

After the workout, we then took a tour of the conservation centre, climbed  the canopy walk and even fed the monkeys some of our dried fruit snacks courtesy of Tooms Fruits. Of course some people ran away from the monkeys which we all laughed at.

Ola of Love Fitness Ng supplied us with healthy meal options such as bulgur wheat, grilled chicken and vegetables which we washed down with freshly pressed juices sponsored by Simply Green.

Simply Green Juices

Simply Green Juices

There was also a raffle draw and prizes such as mason jars, food processor and ankara were given out.

It was a great time and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. There were definitely a few glitches here and there but I looked at them as a learning experience for the next one which I hope to see you guys at.

See & enjoy some pictures from the event below and we’ll keep you posted on the next one which will be happening very soon.

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