Christmas in Lagos

In the comment section, someone asked me to write a post on things to do in Lagos  during Christmas as they would be coming into town around that period.

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas and the IJGB clan (I Just Got Back), will soon descend on Lagos.

From events to shopping, Christmas brings about this warm feeling and everyone is just so happy. The lights are put up on major roads and everywhere is just bustling with excitement. Lagos isn’t left out of this excitement and everyone gets the holiday spirit. So here is our selection of things you can get up to during the festive period.

  • Head to the beach

Why:  Lagos is packed with various beaches and it is such a beautiful sight. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a number of options to fit each pocket and your needs. From the private beaches to the public beach you’re sure to have a great time. You can take it a step further and spend the weekend at a beach resort.

Where: Tarkwa Bay, La Campange Tropicana, Inagbe Beach Resort, Eleko beach, Pop Beach Club, Elegushi, Whispering Palms, Suntan Beach etc

Cost: From as little as N1,000N5,000 (for beaches that require speedboats to get there, the price isn’t inclusive). : $5-$25, 4EUR-22EUR, 3GBP-16GBP

  •  Events 

Why: People tend to plan their events around December and there are alot. From events like music meets runway to concerts, you’ll definitely find one that piques your interest. Just keep your ears open and of course if you follow us on Instagram we’ll be sure to let you know when events are coming up.

Where & Cost: Dependent on the organizers of the various events

  • Plays & Shows

Why: Last year December, ‘Saro the musical’ was the show to watch. It was on everyone’s lips. Shows and plays are shown at the Muson Centre, Terrakultre and The National Theatre during festive periods. Terrakulture has different plays every month so you know whatever they put on in December is going to be amazing.

Where: Terrakulture, Muson Centre & the  National Theatre

Cost: These shows usually range from about N2,500-N5,000 ($12-$25/ 11EUR-22EUR/ 8GBP-16GBP)

  • Sightseeing

Why: Do something out of the ordinary; see some sights and soak in some culture and history. Lagos is filled with art galleries, museums and other places of interest. You’ll pick up a thing or two during an expedition. You’ll be glad you did.

Where: The National Theatre, Nike Art Gallery, Nimbus Art Gallery, The National Theatre, Awolowo’s Museum, Badagary Slave Port, The Conservation Centre etc

Cost: They range from free to N3,000 ($15/13 EUR/10GBP)

  • Shopping

Why: What’s Christmas without shopping. Lagos offers a lot of options. We have open markets, malls, stalls etc. Different shopping needs can be gotten from different places. From the international brands to our home grown designers, arts and crafts, fabrics/gift items, you will find something that you didn’t know you needed. Why not just pick up a Christmas present for someone special while you’re at it. You should note that during the festive period, shopping is a very tedious and rowdy experience.

Where – Balogun Market, Lagos Island, Idumota market, The Palms Shopping Mall, Iconola, Ikeja City Mall, Temple Muse, Alara, Meidei Retail, Arts & Crafts Market under Ikeja Bridge, Federal Palace arts & crafts store, Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall etc

Cost – Depends on what you buy

  • Eating

Why: Grab some grub during this time. Restaurants/Hotels will be having Christmas meals on the menu just like your favorite English pub. For a taste of authentic Nigerian meals, you can take it a step further and visit the nearest bukka. I promise you wont regret it.

Where: Amala Shitta (Olaiya), Whitehouse, Sheraton Lagos Hotel, Spice Route, Yellow Chilli, and every other restaurant that has been reviewed on the site.

Cost – Depends on what you buy

  • Other things you could do include treating yourself to a spa session, catching a movie or even go karting.

  • If you get bored or are uninterested in doing any of the above, just enjoy the Christmas lights Lagos will be putting up. They really go to town with it.

What are you waiting for? Starting planning your Christmas in Lagos.