Suntan Beach – Badagry

8 thoughts on “Suntan Beach – Badagry”

  1. This is a great find!! We need to find someone in Badagry West Local Govt to champion the rejuvenation of this place! I love potential!


  2. The beach is okay but the resort is nothing to write home about you wont even alow your dog to sleep in that place , those in charge should do some thing about the resort immediatetly .


  3. Thats nice. Youve said alot bout the preparations and how to have fun. Myself and my crew willl try visiting this september… I hope the prices hasnt changed with this Say Baba’s Era.


    1. Glad you found useful info while the reading the site. I hope you and your crew enjoy your visit. Please give us feedback…. I hope so too about the price and if it’s changed hopefully not a lot.


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