Literature of The Month | Sauna Jack

4 thoughts on “Literature of The Month | Sauna Jack”

  1. Hi, it’s in my quest to see if I can miraculously find the “Sauna Jac” and “Sauna ya dawo” online that brought me to this page. I loved these books as a kid and still do. It is heartbreaking, the situation that educative hausa literature as such cannot be found online and even in bookshops. i hope one days in not a distant future these book will be available for sale online.

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    1. Hello, thank you for reading, we’re glad you came across our site. It is definitely a shame that these things cannot be found online and we hope just like you that one day, this will not be the case.


  2. Wow, wow, wow, this is unbelievable! I remember reading Sauna Jac over and over and over again while growing up with my parents at the Nigeria Army Depot, Zaria in the late 60s. I never believed I would ever get an information on the book on the internet. Even if the book can not e gotten online, it’s still exhilarating that one can get a hard copy of it. The search for the book will be my top priority when next I travel to any major town in northern Nigeria.

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