Picnic and an outdoor movie | Weekends in Lagos

9 thoughts on “Picnic and an outdoor movie | Weekends in Lagos”

    1. Bae it is thanks Endi :). Rain = Baby making weather? Yes? No? The heat in Lag can be overbearing a little rain usually helps to cool things down making for a great day. You should definitely check #Movienic out.


  1. I want my every weekends like that, Lagos is a crazy city one needs an escape route from noise to cool 😎 off.

    Ps: Bae is an everlasting word😜
    Pss: those cuties should not be called dogs lol they are babies 👶.

    I enjoyed reading this.

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  2. Cough cough! I’ve always wanted to try this movienic but so scared of the Mosquiiiiiiiitoes (*in Tamar Braxton’s voice*). I’ll definitely try it sometime, great review.


  3. I saw this tourism app named “Eko Tourist” on Playstore designed by a Nigerian and it provides a complete tour guide to Lagos showing Places, People, Festivals, Events, Hotels, Hospitals, Brands, Beaches, Parks, Restaurants, Cinemas, Schools, and other things across Lagos City. It seems to be of great help, so I felt I should share. link cygeria.com


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