Drive in Movies | Alternative Movie Experiences

4 thoughts on “Drive in Movies | Alternative Movie Experiences”

  1. When I saw the post about this on your Instagram I was soooo jealous. I thought to myself ‘Ugh! These Lagos people have come again!’ Lol.

    It’s sad to find out it could have gone much better. Hopefully the organizers do better next time because this concept has potential.


    1. hahahaha, Lagos people like to tension everytime on what they’re up to abi?
      It definitely could have gone much more smoother, so hopefully they get better.
      You should check out movienic (movie and picnic in the park), that went quite well. We wrote on a review on it too.
      Thanks for stopping by Oma. 🙂


  2. Chai! Please is there a way you can notify people of events like these? I always like to go out and enjoy my weekends after a hard week’s job. lol


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