Hiking in Nigeria | The Ultimate Guide

5 thoughts on “Hiking in Nigeria | The Ultimate Guide”

  1. The great outdoors. The payoff of the views in a lot of Nigerian destinations make it worth it for sure. Now if I get some barbecue chicken at the end of it we talking paradise. Love the post. Mount Patti here we come. I need asun when I get to the top of that mountain.


  2. Urghhhh hiking is stressful! I have hiked idanre hills and I felt like I was going to pass out. Pacing yourself is definitely important. We had someone on the trip “pass out” after the third resting spot. She couldn’t go any further. It was the most hilarious thing. Love this post 👌🏼

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  3. I fell in love with hiking after my trip with your organization to Idanre. Been on several trails since then and it’s simply been amazing.

    What I love about hiking is translating all that physical ‘stress’ into mental notes and applying that into my life. You’re staring at huddles, steep steps, rocks and all sorts. It’s a challenge getting past all of that. Sometimes, we miss our steps or fall and are tempted to give up. But we continue and the reward is often worth every challenge we faced.

    This is exactly how life is. So, more than the excitement that each of this trip offers, there’s something to learn to improve our lives…


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