Culture Trip | The Koma People

6 thoughts on “Culture Trip | The Koma People”

  1. It’s interesting to learn of such a tribe here in Nigeria. I also will appreciate if they don’t change their culture though they could make do without some traditions like the killing of twins.


  2. While I kind of understand the fascination with Koma pple, they are burying women and children alive..this really should be stopped.


  3. there is need for government to really come to the aid of this people, in terms of putting an end to killing of twin and intertaining their visitors with their wife sexually. that geographical area is also a place of interest for the whole world if develop for tourist.


  4. I would to thank the researcher or the anthropologist for the effort made to bring the Koma people to lamp light. But the correct the notion that the Koma people were discovered in 1986 that is not true. Am from Koma, born and brought up there. some of the facts are not true. I wrote a book titled “The Cultural Practices of the Koma People” But the finance was not there as am a masters student of missiology in Urbanian University Rome.


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