As NTDC Strategises to Stimulate Nigeria’s Tourism…

4 thoughts on “As NTDC Strategises to Stimulate Nigeria’s Tourism…”

  1. I sent @TourNigeria a tweet asking for details for visiting a Games Reserve in Taraba state. If they get me those details then I know they’re serious about promoting Tourism.

    If not, then I know that is just another noise making, money making venture.

    Tourism in Nigeria is not throwing parties in Lagos and Abuja.


      1. Hi Unravellingnigeria, thanks for ur opinion on the ‘Tour Nigeria’ Lagos Press Parley. This is just the beginning of a campaign. Without being repetitive, i like to repeat dis here, ‘Tour Nigeria’ is the belief that domestic leisure travel is the key to the tourism industry’s revival in Nigeria. According to Coker, the Tour Nigeria brand was conceived to drive domestic consumption of Nigeria’s tourism products, create new tourism markets, add to the nation’s GDP, create employment, and increase spending in the economy.
        Definitely, travel bloggers, enthusiasts will be carried along. There are six geopolitical zones to be visited during this campaign and how much will he achieve without the input of these creative bunch of people. Note, this is also not a one-off campaign. Thanks!


      2. We look forward to it then. But like the commenter above said, she asked Tour Nigeria for info on a destination she would love to visit but hasn’t gotten a reply. Should it be directed in some other way? Or is there another way she could get the info she needs from the ‘Tour Nigeria’ group


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