Community Love | 5 Ways Unravelling Nigeria Supports The Local Community When We Travel

12 thoughts on “Community Love | 5 Ways Unravelling Nigeria Supports The Local Community When We Travel”

  1. One other way is doing some sort of CSR ie traveling with a purpose. This could either be by volunteering in the area or teaching them a skill or donating to the community.


  2. The picture at the mosque is lovely. Great post. About eating local, I tried to be careful doing that in India. We had been warned about poor quality street food so I’d say eat local but not street.

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  3. Supporting the local community where I travel is important to me as it (often) makes a big difference. It’s nice to read that it’s important to you as well. The last point – about respect – is key: like you said, support doesn’t have to be monetary. Just a smile, nod, or greeting to everyone you can go a very long way and make a big difference. Some of my best travel experiences were with people I will probably never see again but felt connected to just after a quick chat, laughter, etc.

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  4. I knew that pounded yam looked familiar! Great article. I agree with every point raised. It’s very important to support and respect local communities and people when we travel and leave them better off for it or, at the very least, the same way we met them. And please, a lot of the animals at our zoos are tormented enough. Don’t add to their suffering X_X

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  5. I think the point that stood out to me the most is supporting local businesses . If we Nigerians showed more support to our local businesses they would boom, having an extremely positive impact on the whole economy. This post was really informative, thank you for consistently posting quality content!

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    1. I agree 100%. Our economy would be so much stronger if we supported local businesses and in return these businesses will be encouraged to do better. It’s a cycle that will yield great results.
      Thank you always reading and for liking our content.


  6. I love that you do this, Lola! Plus Bukkas are the best! Travelling is not just to enrich our minds/experiences, we are also investing in the communities we visit. It might seem little but with the little demand you’re not only creating jobs but also sowing seeds of what people can do even within their communities. I love that you talk about not just taking, we pour back in and hopefully everyone is better for it! Very well said. I also agree that it is not always monetary, giving of our time in the right context might just be worth more than a monetary donation.

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