Restaurant Of The Week | Thai Thai

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Of The Week | Thai Thai”

  1. Excellent job, UN! This review is fantastic! I had a great time (with great company and delicious food) at Thai Thai. This just took me back. I’m actually craving Thai food right now.. lunch tomorrow, perhaps?

    The setting was so beautiful, you captured the essence of it! Well done! That last picture of my intern with the CEO of Naija Nomads though… that girl likes foooood! Jeez


    1. Thank you!! It was so nostalgic writing it and yes I think we should have it for lunch today.

      16 by 16 is such a beautiful space and I think I’m going to visit it once more.

      That intern though. My gash, she was feeling the food!!

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  2. Tell me a restaurant is fused with an art gallery and baby, I’m all packed and ready to dine. I am definitely going there soonest. Beautiful write up as always.


  3. This entire post made me so hungry. The Thai food looks really good. You all need to hook me up with all these cool places when I come to Nigeria. I have to experience it all. Love the photos, and flat lays. Beautiful.

    And Amarachi and Mofe in that last picture. When you’re feeling the food in your ‘braim’ haha!


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