Hotel Review | Echelon Heights Hotel

2 thoughts on “Hotel Review | Echelon Heights Hotel”

  1. Ok, I’m wondering why your room key card opened another person’s room! Must have been so awkward. And I got nervous thinking about you in the middle of the room and a huge guy (I imagined a huge guy) standing behind you. I think I would worry if other room keys could open mine after that encounter. I hope there were secondary locks available too.

    I might give it a 2.5 as well, for that reason and for the bin in the bathroom but since everything else went fine-ish, a 3.5, seems fair.. 🙂


    1. So spot on, cause now all I think of is security. They need to take a look at the cards again.

      This is how people get robbed in hotels. Thankfully I didn’t get beaten but that could have gotten really ugly.

      Thankfully it didn’t but asides that, it isn’t a bad hotel.

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