Pots of Gold | Dada Pottery

3 thoughts on “Pots of Gold | Dada Pottery”

  1. I love love your narration on your visit to Dada Pottery.

    I think this place can do much more. The government can help them export this pots and provide livelihood training for the women. Teach them modern technologies to assist them efficiently produce the pots.

    If I was to return to Kwara again, I would add Pategi Beach, Mungo Park Cenotaph and Owu Waterfalls to my list. Actually Owu waterfalls was on my list but I was just unable to visit.

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    1. I agree with everything you said.

      I was even discussing with Nomad and we were saying even we in the travel community can do something for them. It’s mind boggling to see there’s a place like this and they’re not getting the attention they deserve.

      We went to Owu falls, and it was great, should put that post up soon.

      We couldn’t do Pategi or Mungo Park because apparently we would need an extra day. We were told it’s quite a distance and Kwara is actually really big.

      kwara is definitely a spot with alot of gems.

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you loved the post.


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