Nigerian Train Rides | Abuja – Kaduna

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Train Rides | Abuja – Kaduna”

  1. ‘Despite someone showering late’- lool.

    Asking people to come down after they have bought their tickets and boarded the train is a big no-no! (Not that I want people to be standing everywhere but maybe they shouldn’t oversell seats or look for a better way to get people into carriages with free seats? I would have been so disappointed if that happened to us. Glad it didn’t anyway.

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    1. I actually agree. It can be very upsetting if you have somewhere to be for a certain time but because there are no seats you have to come down and miss your appointment.

      They’re trying to do the right thing but in the wrong way. smh


  2. Nigerians and “pictures not allowed” is so irritating. I’ve been looking forward to thay train ride. I’m told you can’t get a first class ticket because it is reserved for the Big people. Great post

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