Culture Trip | Kalabari Weddings

7 thoughts on “Culture Trip | Kalabari Weddings”

  1. Can we please have a detailed breakdown like this for Igbo and other tribe’s traditional weddings? This was very insightful to read and a way of culture preservation.

    I found many things interesting about this. First, the separation between the ceremonies of the rich, the noble, chiefs and so on. And also the fact that the Kalibari is mentioned to be a matrilineal society but there are so many patriarchal elements put in place as if to correct that. Also curious to know if the morning after rites is still being practiced.

    Anyway, please let’s have the breakdown for Igbos, let me know what to send to my baby.

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    1. I agree with you, it seems like there’s a lot of patriarchal elements to the wedding as a way to ‘wipe out’ how matrilineal the Kalabaris are meant to be which is a shame.
      I also thought about the morning after rites and I concluded it’s more likely still carried out in the villages.

      Glad you enjoyed it and will definitely add more tribes to the series starting with the Igbos. Can’t let you baby mess up now can we? 😩

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  2. I feel like you just took me all the way to school on this. I legit had 0 clue on Kalabari weddings. Then for enlightening us even as ‘locals’.

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