Palmwine Vibes | Trip Review

9 thoughts on “Palmwine Vibes | Trip Review”

  1. Why did I smile when I saw ‘Mbaku’??! Okay, Maggie get your head straight. This was definitely a unique experience; so sad I was out of the country. Babe, you deserve all the accolades. Well done!,

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  2. Well done Unravelling Nigeria! Loved being a part of this tour. It was so unique in every way. I can’t really tell which part was my favorite. Riding in the canoes or learning how ogogoro is made or the picnic… I had a really good time!

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  3. I just spent my morning bingeing on your blog and it reignited my patriotic feelings! All the things to see, history to learn, cultures to take in! Love, love love!!!

    I want to travel around Nigeria someday, from a food / dance / music perspective. My biggest fear has been figuring out the logistics / safety concerns, but your blog is giving me a bit more hope.

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    1. Thank you so much!! This brought a smile to my face this morning.

      Glad you love our posts and it’s shown Nigeria in a different light. Please when you’re ready to travel round we would be glad to help you where need be and hopefully you continue to visit the blog. 🙂



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