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Welcome to your one stop site for everything related to tourism in Nigeria!

Anyone ever get stumped on what to do, where to go, eat or sightseeing related situations in Nigeria? No? Well I did. Everyone went to the same places or just did the same things every weekend, surely there had to be places not yet discovered.

And then it hit me, there’s way too much to do in Nigeria in terms of tourism but there’s no website that has all of that in one place. Where to eat, where to go, sights that must be visited, places of historical note etc.

So I decided to start a website where I would discover, share and review everything tourism related in Nigeria. From beaches to food and hopefully something that fits everyone’s pockets/tastes.

So this is my version of a tourism directory for Nigeria from adventures to art, and I also guess it’ll help promote and create awareness on tourism in the country. Figure I can make Nigerian tourism a thing.

So welcome to my travel guide/blog and I hope you enjoy my adventures as you follow me on them. I can guarantee there will something for everyone.

*PS Because I’m based in Lagos, there will probably be a lot of Lagos posts, before I figure out how to navigate other states. 



Pictures are mine unless stated otherwise in posts. If you decide to ‘borrow’ my pictures, please link it back to this page

I want to stress that none of our reviews is biased or overly positive. I try to make sure readers are part of my experience (positive and negative experiences alike). None of my flights/hotel stays/meals/entry fees are paid by a third company. Also, I do not inform any place I visit about my work so all this is without their prior knowledge.


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