Affordable Tourism

‘I was going to ask you how you finance all these explorations, your salary will not last two weeks’  A friend said that to me and it’s the inspiration for the post. I’ll let you in on a little secret! Yes tourism can be expensive, BUT there are quite a number of tourist attractions in Nigeria that … Continue reading Affordable Tourism

Blu Cabana Update

During my recent trip to Abuja, I decided to have a look at BluCabana which was a guest entry post a while back. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. Since the post concentrated on the dining experience, this is a quick post just to mention some other things available that weren’t touched on. 1. They have … Continue reading Blu Cabana Update

Just My Cup of Coffee

Coffee isn’t really my thing but I can appreciate a good coffee shop. While wandering around the airport, I stumbled into Umutu Coffee Shop! They stood outside trying to woo people into coming in and I took the bait. It’s a nice, jazzy, arty coffee house that is trying to start a social coffee place similar to … Continue reading Just My Cup of Coffee

Royal Dreams

I always had dreams of being a princess and living in a huge fancy palace. Running around on the palace grounds and basically just doing things I saw in Disney movies. I still think I’m a princess but alas, I don’t have a crown, a throne or a palace. Monarchs, Kings and traditional rulers played a … Continue reading Royal Dreams