The Suspended Lake

There is a charming little lake that is so powerful it is believed that whatever prayer is made with its waters will yield supernatural results. It is large, clear, neat and holds spiritual significance. It is also important as people with fertility issues go there to pray. Rituals are carried out, and whatever food isn’t finished … Continue reading The Suspended Lake

Affordable Tourism

‘I was going to ask you how you finance all these explorations, your salary will not last two weeks’  A friend said that to me and it’s the inspiration for the post. I’ll let you in on a little secret! Yes tourism can be expensive, BUT there are quite a number of tourist attractions in Nigeria that … Continue reading Affordable Tourism

Blu Cabana Update

During my recent trip to Abuja, I decided to have a look at BluCabana which was a guest entry post a while back. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. Since the post concentrated on the dining experience, this is a quick post just to mention some other things available that weren’t touched on. 1. They have … Continue reading Blu Cabana Update