Happy New Year

We just wanted to say a happy new year and wish you the very best of 2015. Thank you for all your support and we hope your 2015 is as awesome as ours is going to be. We hope you’re as excited as we are because we promise to bring you so much more this … Continue reading Happy New Year

Terra Kulture

My friend schlumberger came to town, and we have this ritual where we always try to meet up, catch up on life and just faff around before he’s on the next flight out, heading back to his reality. I nicknamed him schlumberger because he works there, I’m not sure he fancies the name but if … Continue reading Terra Kulture

Bheerhugz Cafe

So my friend called me up asking if I wanted to meet after work for drinks. Of course I said yes, and then the next thing that came to my head was ‘great another place I can review and do a post on’. She suggested we go Bheerhugz Cafe and said it was located in … Continue reading Bheerhugz Cafe