The Alake’s Palace

The rare opportunity to be allowed on the grounds of a traditional palace is one that cannot be taken for granted. Even the Buckingham Palace gates aren’t opened to the general public. However it’s counterparts in Nigeria can boast of welcoming everyone on to its grounds. I believe it dates back to when everyone had … Continue reading The Alake’s Palace

Rocky Art

While it may not be the biggest art gallery I have been to, it doesn’t make it lesser than its counterparts. When you take a trip to Olumo Rock in Abeokuta; Ogun state,  you are immediately ushered into the art gallery on the premises. Mr Oyedeji Banji welcomes all the visitors to the gallery and … Continue reading Rocky Art

Royal Dreams

I always had dreams of being a princess and living in a huge fancy palace. Running around on the palace grounds and basically just doing things I saw in Disney movies. I still think I’m a princess but alas, I don’t have a crown, a throne or a palace. Monarchs, Kings and traditional rulers played a … Continue reading Royal Dreams