21 Questions

I did a video interview, yayyy. My very first one and also my first time editing a video, so you guys have to bear with me till I finally get a handle on how to properly make one. I hope to make vlogs (video blog) a regular thing here. So I asked about 21 questions … Continue reading 21 Questions

Makoko II

I did a post a while ago on slum tourism, featuring Makoko where the state in which they lived was shown. However I came across a video recently and thought to share. It focuses on the inhabitants of Makoko saying their own side and telling everyone they are happy and satisfied with where they are, … Continue reading Makoko II

Votes ‘r’ Us

If you are in Nigeria, no matter where you are in the country we’ve all been thrown into the election frenzy. Most if not all social media platforms are also getting in on it. The streets have been littered with posters, televisions have all sorts of ads coming on and some people are even doing … Continue reading Votes ‘r’ Us